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  1. Cross-domain Request object and CORS

    There are several scenarios where we would need to perform a request against a different subdomain. Originally that was not possible by default(although there are some workarounds) due to the same domain restrictions. Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) extends the original same domain restrictions in several ways. One of them…

    CORS, AJAX, browsers, javascript

  2. Minimizing javascript libraries

    The minification of static file bundles is an useful process to improve the performance of the client side of web applications. This process removes comments, blank spaces, EOL, tabs, etc. from the Javascript code. That way the size of the files downloaded by the browser is reduced, therefore load time…

    javascript, web performance

  3. Developing mobile apps using Phonegap

    When writing applications that need to be run in different platforms, it looks more straightforward to focus all the efforts in a solution that can work in all of them. How to solve the problem of writing applications in multiplatform environments? The answer is surprisingly simple, what do all of…

    javascript, android, phonegap, mobile